This burlap pouch holds two servings of our delicious melting chocolate.

Not a powder, this is our 80% "Just Dark" or 100% Ceremonial Grade variety of chocolate ready to be melted and put in your mug. Add your preference of milk and sweetener to taste. A traditional chocolate drink is made with less liquid and more chocolate for a "thick" hot chocolate.

Our favorite method of making our hot chocolate is warming our milk on the stovetop. Add milk and chocolate (and any added sweetener) in the blender. Blend until chocolate is throrougly blended (around 10 seconds). Voila! A frothy hot chocolate!


2.5oz of Chocolate Makes Approximately 2 (1.25oz) cups of cocoa.

80% "Just Dark" Chocolate (Organic Cacao Bean, Organic Dehydrated Cane Juice, Organic Cacao Butter).
100% Ceremonial Grade (Organic Cacao Bean)

Drinking Chocolate Gift Bag