About Our Ingredients

Transparency is important to us, so why wouldn't it be for you? We are proud of the quality and sourcing of our ingredients so naturally we  want to share with you.

Cacao Beans

We purchase our organic cacao beans from small farms in Central and South America, the land of some of our most beloved things: Cacao, Coffee, and Cane! We work with an amazing transparent trade company called Uncommon Cacao. Learn about Uncommon Cacao and the beans here!


Our sugar of choice is the award winning "Just Panela". It is a hand cut sugarcane product from the hills of Southern Colombia. Once the sugarcane is hand cut, it is then cold pressed to extract the sweet juice. Once cold pressed, it is dehydrated into a golden brown, powdery, unrefined, unprocessed, raw sugar. It's the best!

Cacao Butter

Our cacao butter comes from Terrasoul Superfoods as a Raw Peruvian Organic Cold Pressed Butter. We only add the bare minimum of butter to our recipe so that the stone grinder works more efficiently.

Coconut Milk

Our Coconut Milk comes from Terrasoul Superfoods. The coconuts are grown on small coconut plantations in Vietnam and the powder is made from hand-harvested mature coconuts and is then gently dehydrated to ensure the coconut's potent nutrients remain intact.

Organic Ingredients

We strive to obtain the BEST quality product to go into our chocolate. This starts with our beans and is extended to toppings and infusions. There are times when we will obtain a product that is not certified organic  because it is a better quality of product.  We can assure you that if we include an ingredient not labeled organic, the product is far superior. We DO NOT use any product that knowingly is sprayed with toxins such as pesticides and we promote sustainable agriculture. We love to support small farmers and herbalists that forage and grown organic edibles on a small scale, respecting the plants, the soil, and the Earth.