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Wellness Consults and Coaching

Sara Ratza, a Clinical Western Herbalist and Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, has been studying food and herbs as medicine for over a decade. Through her wellness consults and coaching, she works with each unique body to help create balance in the mind, body, and soul.

Choose they type of consultation that will serve you better.
*All consults are scheduled as virtual via Zoom. Please email to be seen in-person.*
Wellness Consultations: A traditional overall consult with tongue and pulse diagnostics, ear seeds (if in-person and optional), and a wellness plan. (Custom formulated herbals are extra.)
Acute Cold and Flu Care: This consult is specific for colds and support of the flu.  Did you know that every cold is not the same? It is important to look at every aspect of the cold/flu to receive the best herbal formulation for your unique body.

Cacao Consultations: Enjoy a cup of cacao with Sara as she creates space for you chat. Using her expertise, she will advise coaching and an herbal wellness plan that would fit best for you. (Custom formulated herbals are extra.) Cacao and instructions to make will be sent to client once appointment is confirmed. If being seen in-person, ear seeds are optional.
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